History and Health: Racial Equity. Richmond skyline and Richmond, VA written.

History and Health Events

We are creating a community that recognizes and embraces diverse backgrounds, identities and lived experiences. We recognize that longstanding inequalities in treatment – deeply and historically rooted – produce adverse health outcomes. We are following a thoughtful process to understand our institutional history, contribute to the healing process and create a body of knowledge for generations to come in order to better position us to produce and sustain meaningful change. We will fearlessly accept criticism and continuously learn from past shortcomings and mistakes with transparency and humility, as expressed in our VCU Health Diversity, Equity and Inclusion statement. 

Racial Equity Series, Fall 2021-Spring 2022 calendar

Racial Equity is a multi-part virtual series examining VCU’s challenging racial history. Explore how VCU Health's complex history affects our patients today and help decide how we will use what we learn to improve health care for all, moving forward. VCU and VCU Health employees and students who participate in a majority of the History and Health Program events and online modules will earn a virtual badge. VCU Health employees may count their History and Health Program participation hours toward their DEI training requirements.

Previous event recordings

The Robert E. Lee monument, covered in graffiti by Black Lives Matter protesters.

Earn a badge

History and Health Program virtual badge earners have developed an awareness of VCU’s institutional past; including our perceived and actual history as these have been impacted by systemic racism. Badge earners have gained an understanding of how VCU’s organizational culture, climate, and identity evolved. Knowing our institutional history also allows us to better understand how we have affected, and been affected by, our surrounding communities. History and Health Program activities also include learning about healthcare’s role, and specifically VCU Health’s role, in promoting social justice.

It only takes 4 to 5 hours. Here's how you earn it:

  • Attend a minimum of 4 of the virtual events listed on the History and Health Program Event Calendar and
  • At least one of the Let’s Talk reflection sessions affiliated with those events.
  • If attendance at 4 presentations is not possible, individuals may substitute an online learning module for an event.

(Please note: it may take a few weeks to receive notification of badge status)

digital badge with the title History and Health: Racial Equity