VCU Office of Health Equity

You can count on us to be VCU's hub for health equity initiatives in the learning, training, research and patient services environments at VCU and VCU Health. 

Understanding health equity principles is the first step to improving health outcomes. We're working to infuse health equity principles into education, training and research to remove barriers that create health inequities  those related to geography, education, and social and financial resources.

Our Mission

We are driven to develop and implement initiatives at VCU and VCU Health that introduce the principles of health equity into education and training, research, and patient services activities.

As the hub, we connect the talent and expertise that exists at the university and the health system with that of community organizations to develop and build partnerships focused on addressing health inequities and disparities. We hope our work will substantially reduce the negative impact of defined social determinants of health. We'll do this by:

  1. Preparing health care professionals, including VCU Health team members, and students to apply the knowledge and principles of health to their everyday work.
  2. Increasing the quantity of high-quality equity research that generates new knowledge for the community and related disciplines.
  3. Expanding the capacity for VCU, VCU Health and community partners to collaborate and address health inequities.