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VCU and VCU Health serve a diverse urban and rural population that has been significantly impacted by race-based health disparities. Learners may not be aware of VCU’s history of structural racism and the discrimination towards the Black community and the resulting distrust patients may have of the health system. Thus, History and Health provides a link between our history AND current day health inequities and disparities experienced by patients in our community.


The Racial Equity series offers online learning modules and event recordings  examining VCU’s challenging racial history. Explore how VCU Health's complex history affects our patients today and help decide how we will use what we learn to improve health care for all, moving forward. To explore these resources, ENROLL HERE

The former Robert E. Lee statute that was covered in graf


The Equitable Access to Care series offers online learning modules and event recordings examining health disparities and how racism and other social determinants of health directly impact the quality of and access to healthcare. To explore these resources, ENROLL HERE  BUTTON 


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