Education and Training

We are collaborating across the university, health system and community to develop educational programs and activities that support health care professionals, learners, team members and the public regarding health disparities and health inequities.

We launched the History and Health Program in March of 2021, which includes educational materials and events that examine and challenge our understanding of VCU's role in the history of Richmond and our nation.

We are partnering with the  VCU Humanities Research Center and their Health Humanities Lab to create additional History and Health programs through two projects -  the Black Childbearing Health Project and the East Marshall Street Oral History and Memorialization Project. We also work closely with the VCU School of Medicine, Graduate Medical Education and others on the Facilitating Patient Centered Compassionate Care (Facilitating PC3) education model which assists in enhancing the empathy, understanding, and connection of resident physicians to patients and families served.

I loved the fact that we learned about a new topic that related to health equity every week. I also liked the hands-on experience that the course provided.

Program participant